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Decleration of Engineering Part 1: Conscious Engineer

There are three essential concepts that we have to describe for ourselves as engineers. Of course, we have not fully externalized those concepts yet but we are hoping to do so by making their definitions. İf we want to set a concept as our target we need to know what it is. Let’s get started.

1- Conscious Engineer;

From the momentum that I take from living in a dormitory, I have been making some observation about the society based on my comparisons about dormitory life and city life. In my point of view, the society or ecosystem in the dormitory and country have very much in common. But how can I reach that conclusion?

First of all, if you live in a dorm you have probably been aware of the things that you can and cannot do among the other people. Because there are boundaries in the dorm. For example, you cannot speak loud in your room late hours, you cannot throw your garbage on the ground.

Actually, obeying those social rules is very important for every individual, because those rules are insurance of not going into chaos.

On the other hand, we see that this idea about being careful not to break the borders is all acceptable for the society inside the whole country too. For example, you should not speak loud in metro just as in your dormitory room or you should not cause pollution just as you do in the dorm.

Those similarities I have counted are proving that society does not actually have an absolute definition. I mean if we would define society as a group of people living with restrictive rules for everyone’s good then we implicate all social structures between a single family and -let’s say- Turkish people to the definition of society.

In short, a family is a society, students living in the same dormitory is another society, employers working in the same company is another society and so on.

Well, what are we trying to get from this vision? Just a little bit of patience. It is on the way.

Until here, we have talked about the similarities between society in a dorm and a country. What about the differences? We have only one matter to this question. Answer:

The surface area that those two different types of society live in. Surface area is the cornerstone of my idea I am trying to build. Because the size of the surface area we try to live is one and only reason makes us forget our boundaries, ethical values, and social responsibilities.

Here is how;

Suppose that you broke an essential rule in a dorm. For example, you threw rubbish on the ground. Mostly, the time to detect this problem by a person is a maximum of one minute. Because of the littleness of the size of the surface area to live, at least one person pass through that place in a minute. This makes people angry and results with punishing you for your nontechnical attitude.

On the other side, this is not how it works in the countryside. Because the size of the surface area to live is so enormous, no person pass through in a minute or an hour from the place that you broke a rule. In result, they do not see you committed a crime. That makes people relax and feels them they are invisible and the boundaries are not valid for their region.

Is it not actually, what we want? Freedom. Is it not actually what capitalism commit to us? Proprietary

We want privacy right? We want private spaces that belong to us. We want to feel free in those private spaces that we can do whatever we want, enjoy and cross the borders as we wish.

Now, I am going to ask you; Is it not our passion for having a private space that turns forests into ashes, eradicate animal species, fossils, and natural beauties?

Maybe, there is a way out to get rid of all these efforts that lead us to the extinction of our kind.

There is an idea in Islamic thought that says property belongs to Allah. When we think in the light of this thought, everything is changing.

It means we are only the guests on earth as human beings. We have not fully authorized control on stuff because they actually not belong to us.

It means we should be kind to other living beings and stuff just like the time we behave gently to our host, other guests, and their stuff.

Now we are the end of our journey with the joy of reaching the definition of the conscious engineer:

“A human aware of the fact that he/she is a guest in the earth and during the time of being a guest he/she knows that there have to be rules and borders that makes him/her human, this world livable by not hurting anybody carrying a soul.”

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